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RWE Npower Renewables, Dolgarrog

(February 25, 2012)

"ALFA Tree Services undertook and completed works at Dolgarrog Power Station catchment area from November 2011 through to March 2012. The work included tree felling/Dismantling and tree canopy pruning on very steep slopes up to 55 degrees incline where access was by foot only or by 4 x 4 vehicle where a single concrete track existed. The Tree works were to improve access along some 800 metres of steep track by removing overhanging branches and removal of seven large mature trees by dismantling that had grown over the track corridor causing no damage to the concrete track. The foot access only area lies adjacent to two live high pressurised pipelines of 1.5 metres in diameter. Trees that had become a danger to these pipelines required removal in a controlled and safe manner. Both areas also had live overhead electrical cables which required shutdowns.

All works were within a protected woodland of Coed Dolgarrog which is designated a National Nature Reserve. Adjacent trees not due for removal were left undamaged. All works were carried out to environmental legislation regulations with special regard to bat habitat potential and European Protected Species (EPS).

Alan Farrar of ALFA Tree Services set up and supervised the works competently with all works undertaken covered by a thorough site specific risk assessment and method statement. Effective Communications between RWE and ALFA was maintained at all times. All works were completed to the satisfaction of RWE and the CCW (Countryside Council for Wales) representative."        


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