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Mobile Alaskan Chainsaw Mill ,Timber Processing & Planking

Due to demand from customers we can now offer to plank, mill & process timber on site utilising our Alaskan Chainsaw Mill ©, Stihl 880 © (135cc) Chainsaw and various Bars up to 5ft in length (which will cut up to 4.5 ft wide timber). Specialist "Ripping chains" are used because we are cutting across the grain and all timber is checked using a metal detector prior to cutting due to the downtime & cost if any metal is found by the saw in the wood.
Trees that we have felled or that have blown over or that have been felled by third parties can be turned into a valuable commodity. Milled timber has been used to make benches, furniture & even to build buildings. Garden planters or raised beds are also another good use of the timber.  
alaskan 5ft with log alaskan 5ftPlanking a large Monkey Puzzle 3
Alot of the sites we work on are steep and therefore inacessable for normal wheeled/towed bandsaws.
However, our Mill is manportable enabling us to reach such sites to process the valuable timber that would otherwise rot away or be used as firewood. We can also utilise Cableways/Tiroleans and pulley blocks to remove processed timber from difficult places.
For an insight to our mill & products, take a look in our Gallery HERE

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