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Emergency Call Out, Windblown or Storm Damaged Trees

windblown gwydrALFA Tree Services reguarly carry out work involving trees that have been storm damaged or "Windblown" (including branches that have snapped and are hung up in the tree).
This can be a serious undertaking which may involve isolating the danger area from the public whilst the tree work is carried out. We provide in house Traffic managment with the neccesary Traffic Lights/Stop Go signage for Traffic Managment on the Public Highways as required by law (NWRSA Chap 8) and laise with the Local Authourity Highways Department for the relevant clearance and signals licenece when planning work, keeping them informed of our intentions and any possible road closures that may occur in emergencies. 
We also have the relevant floodlighting if required to work during darkness although due to the nature of the work this will only be neccesary to stabilise or carry out minimun work to remove any danger from the public or property.  
                           Our Emergency Call Out service is available 24hrs

ALFA Tree Services
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