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"A Day at the Beech"

(March 23, 2011)

A Beech Tree was Dismantled and the stem felled for David Nash.

This was kindly documented, photographed and filmed by Pete Telfor from Pixel Foundry.

A day at the Beech

23rd March 2011


A diseased Beech tree, dieing from the top, threatened to damage the sculpture Ash Dome at David Nash's woodland. A number of Beech were planted here by David in the mid 70's and they have grown into a mighty stand of trees. They have stood over the Ash Dome and all the trees have grown together for nearly 40 years. With it's close proximity to Ash Dome it was deemed wise to take the diseased Beech down and 'Ginger' Farrar and Iolo Wyn Hughes from ALFA Tree Services came today to do the job.

An area is cordened off for safety with bright orange tape.

Within this cordon a new work is being planned in collaboration with David's wife Claire. A new planting work comprising of fruit trees is being envisaged for this space.

Ash Dome and the diseased Beech tree to the left of the photograph with the orange tape around its trunk.

'Ginger' makes the first cut.

A 'hinge' is created.

The great Beech is about to fall.

The Beech tree is down. When it struck the ground it gave a deep thud, throwing huge clods of earth into the air and sounding like an almighty big bass drum being struck.


Stump, Trunk and Ash Dome.

 Thanks to Pete for being patient! The full story can be viewed at Culture Colony

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