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Call out to Llanberis to clear a windblown Oak tree across a drive

(May 10, 2011)

We were called out after a storm to clear a windblown Oak tree from a drive way at Llanberis. 

The tree was still anchored at the root plate on a cliff 8/10ft above the track and the crown of it was lodged in a tree on the other side of the track causing damage to that tree as well.

The main length of the trees trunk was hanging 6/8ft above the road.

After signing and guarding the area we winched the tree from its root plate down to the road level so that it was safe to work on.

The Tree was then treated as windblown severing the rootplate and winching down the stem and much of the crown using our 5 ton tirfor manual winch.

The tree across the track was climbed and debris was removed. Tears and snapped branches were pruned and inspected for any damage that we couldnt see from the ground.

After chipping the brash and piling on site all the wood was split and moved to the house where it was stacked neatly.

Finally the root plate was broken down and moved away from the track and the whole area was given a good tidy up.

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