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Fallen Oak Tree from River

(August 30, 2010)

Fallen Oak Tree removed from a river....

We were asked if we could remove parts of a large oak tree from a river by a client, little did we realise that we would succsesfully remove the whole tree in the end.

There was no vehicle access to the site making logistics a bit of a challenge, we utilised our 4x4 Quad bike and tipping trailer to transport equipment from the road head to the working site.

After rigging safety ropes across the river and fitting normal safety equipment plus buyouncy aids we took the crown from the tree and deposited all the brash on the home bank using a simple pulley system. The larger pieces of the limbs were then removed and winched manually on to the bank using a constructed landing platform to protect the bank. The main stem was then severed at the root plate as per a windblown tree and very slowly inched onto the bank using manual winches and the landing platform.

The operation was filmed by BBC4 and will be shown in 2011.

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